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Effective Juvenile Justice Ministry Hosted on the Udemy Online Learning Platform

Programs & Courses: Meet the Team
Young People - Meeting With Computers

Lecture 1: The Components of Effective Juvenile Justice Ministry

Lecture 2: Understanding the World of Juvenile Offenders

Lecture 3: Principles of Teaching for Transformational Change

Lecture 4: Facilitating Effective Groups with Juvenile Offenders

Lecture 5: Developing a Transformational Bible Discussion Group

Hands on Computer Keyboard

Lecture 1: Resolving Conflict in Ways that Transform Character

Lecture 2: Follow Up, Aftercare and Re-Entry

Lecture 3: Introducing Youth to Faith and Discipleship

Lecture 4: Dealing with Tough Questions and Controversial Issues

Lecture 5: Action Methods and Experiential Teaching Models

IJJM 301

Lecture 1: Understanding the Juvenile Justice System

Lecture 2: The Impact of Trauma​

Lecture 3: Race, Racism and Cultural Competency

Lecture 4: Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Lecture 5: Victim Thinking

Courses & Programs

Effective Juvenile Justice Ministry

The Institute of Juvenile Justice Ministries provides a unique online learning experience through exploration and self-reflection. Each course is designed to emphasize the strategies and processes involved in effective juvenile justice ministry and transformational teaching models. 

Please see our current course offerings below. 

Courses can be taken for academic certification through Gordon College or ministry certification through the Institute of Juvenile Justice Ministries.   Courses are hosted here on the Udemy online learning platform.  You learn and advance at your own pace, then submit proof of completion to your school or organization.

Questions?  Email here for information about the program that's right for you. 

Open Notebook

Gordon College

Earn a Certificate of Completion through Gordon College

Institute of Juvenile Justice Ministries

Earn a Certificate of Completion through the Institute of Juvenile Justice Ministries

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